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Zines and Me: Q&A with Alex @fanzines

iMURAKAMI Kiyoshij
July 9, 2019

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Q: Alex (@fanzines)

Question 1: What was your first experience of zines in Japan?

I owe my encounter with zines to Lilmag (@lilmag_).
I found out Lilmag about 10 years ago. At that time I probably bought some zines about riot grrrl movement including this (http://lilmag.org/?pid=12414963).

Question 2: Why did you start putting on zine events? And which was the first one that you organised?

[why:] I wanted to do activities for spreading zine culture outside of Tokyo and setting up a place and opportunity to gather to meet, talk, and create something for womens/mothers who are working and caring their child in the region. I think that is a practice of grassroots feminism.
[which:] ZINE CIRCLE #2 (January 18, 2015 at Amanatsu-House in Kyoto)
+ and then: Morning Zine Circle (Start Date: October 14, 2016 at Cafe Phalam in Kyoto)

Question 3: How would you describe the zine scene in Japan?

I think there are two sides in that. One is high-end/appearance-oriented/art's supremacy currents, the other is radical (anarchy)/amateuristic (passion-oriented)/feministic (queeristic) currents. The latter is faithful to the essence of DIY culture. Needless to say, I am in the latter side and pursuing that possibility.

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