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Connecting with Asian Zine Scene: What I Referred to in East Nine Zine Circle #02

村上 潔MURAKAMI Kiyoshi) 2018/09/22

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■East Nine Zine Circle #02
 2018/09/22 (Sat) 14:00-16:00
 at Books×Coffee Sol. (Kyoto, Japan)
 Theme: "Connecting with Asian Zine Scene"
 Guest Facilitator: MURAKAMI Kiyoshi
 Info: https://shinichimtk.wixsite.com/mysite/blog/east-nine-zine-circle-2nd/


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イ・ラン(Lang Lee)

TOKYO ZINESTER GATHERING 2017(2017/12/02-03)
ZINE DAY TAIWAN Vol.2(2018/03/03-04)
ZINE DAY OSAKA Vol.4(2018/10/27-28)
TOKYO ZINESTER GATHERING 2018(2018/11/23-24)


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Art Publishing and Distribution Strategies in Asia
 2017/09/23 at Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart (Berlin)

Biawak Gemok Distro (KUL / MY)
Malaysian activist zines newly arrived at #StuartHallLibrary from @biawakgemok collective & other zinesters, tackling identity, sexuality, gender, feminism and race. http://www.iniva.org/library/
[2018年8月16日19:35 https://twitter.com/Iniva_arts/status/1030040220010311681

◆Singapore Queer Zine Fest
 2018/07/14 at Camp Kilo, 66 Kampong Bugis

Merah Muda Memudar (Indonesia based feminist collective) [Medium]
Fememenisme #2 "Survivabilitas" (2018/07): (1)(2)


◇kiyoshi murakami(@travelinswallow)
本日ゲスト・ファシリテーターを務めた《East Nine Zine Circle #02》(テーマ:「アジアのジンシーンとつながろう」)で言及したこと/できなかったことをこちらに(リンク集的に)まとめました。参加できなかったかたにも役立てていただけるかと思います。⇒http://www.arsvi.com/2010/20180922mk.htm
[2018年9月22日23:17 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/1043504561145540608]
◇kiyoshi murakami(@travelinswallow)
Today I lectured on "Connecting with Asian Zine Scene" in East Nine Zine Circle #02 and referred to ASIAN ZINESTER ASYLUM, LIGHT LOGISTICS, Kolektif Betina, SWIPE RIGHT, daikon* zine @daikonzine, TOKYO ZINESTER GATHERING @lilmag_ and more. ⇒http://www.arsvi.com/2010/20180922mk.htm
[2018年9月22日23:32 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/1043508365547069440]

◇Shinichi Takahashi 20180923 「第二回EAST NINE ZINE CIRCLE終了」,EAST NINE ZINE CIRCLE

*作成:村上 潔MURAKAMI Kiyoshi
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