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Current Situation Survey on Zine Libraries and Zine Scene in Manchester

村上 潔MURAKAMI Kiyoshi) 2017/12/13-19 *個人調査(Solo Work)

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Salford Zine Library
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
@SalfordZineLib Hello. Today I am going to @SalfordZineLib and leave some materials I brought from Japan (I will put them on a easy-to-find position). Thank you.
[2017年12月14日17:03*日本時間(以下同じ) https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/941216989988704256
▼Salford Zine Library @SalfordZineLib
@travelinswallow Oh wow! I hope you have a great time. If there's room in the post box you can leave them there and we'll collect them really soon :-)
[2017年12月14日18:45 https://twitter.com/SalfordZineLib/status/941242756869042176
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
@SalfordZineLib Thank you! I understand.
[2017年12月14日19:16 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/941250516964737025
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
I contributed these materials to (the post box of) @SalfordZineLib just now.【画像】
[2017年12月14日21:31 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/941284616467566592
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
I am at @SalfordZineLib now.【画像】
[2017年12月14日21:33 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/941285095838748672
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
I am going to read some zines @SalfordZineLib is in storage from now. https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/941284616467566592
[2017年12月14日21:38 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/941286385591422976
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
moment of posting https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/941284616467566592【画像】
[2017年12月14日22:27 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/941298651602833409
▼Leila Kassir @leilakassir
@travelinswallow @SalfordZineLib It is wonderful there, isn't it? Have a great time. The @UIZineLibs zine is there if you haven't seen it already.
[2017年12月14日21:37 https://twitter.com/leilakassir/status/941286085228982272
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
@leilakassir @SalfordZineLib @UIZineLibs Thank you! I try to find out that.
[2017年12月14日21:40 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/941286853356945408
▼Leila Kassir @leilakassir
@travelinswallow @SalfordZineLib @UIZineLibs http://bit.ly/2j3ombW〔→https://salfordzinelibrary.co.uk/library/uk-zine-librarians-zine/〕
[2017年12月14日21:41 https://twitter.com/leilakassir/status/941287103585021952
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
@leilakassir @SalfordZineLib @UIZineLibs I have this zine!
[2017年12月14日22:29 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/941299221994659841
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
I bought the book "See Red Women’s Workshop: Feminist Posters 1974-1990" (https://seeredwomensworkshop.wordpress.com/the-see-red-book/) at Magma @magmabooks.
[2017年12月15日6:25 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/941418788817395713
Manchester Art Gallery
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
Today I visited Manchester Art Gallery @mcrartgallery. Exhibitions of "Hetain Patel" & "Mehreen Murtaza" were of special interest to me (http://manchesterartgallery.org/exhibitions-and-events/exhibition/), not forgetting permanent exhibitions.
[2017年12月15日6:40 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/941422746185158656
Manchester Central Library
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
Today I visited Manchester Central Library. "Radical Thinking", a section of digital screen exhibitions was very interesting for me. http://www.archivesplus.org/stories/radical-manchester/【画像】
[2017年12月15日7:06 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/941429100736020482
《MAKE STUFF》 at Goodstock
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
Today I participated in the zine event "MAKE STUFF" (at @goodstockshop by @10derhandspress). I/We had a fun time in a free and harmonious atmosphere! Then it was an honor to meet @s_afka & @girllovezine. Everything was so meaningful for me. https://twitter.com/10derhandspress/status/939861593264926720【画像】
[2017年12月16日6:38 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/941784429432918021
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
I made a zine “me, and Manchester zine[マンチェスターとわたし]”(A7; 8p.)while in the event MAKE STUFF. I contributed this to @10derhandspress. https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/941784429432918021【画像】
[2017年12月16日6:53 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/941788208156823552
▼GIRL LOVE. @girllovezine
met @travelinswallow today! & exchanged zines【画像】
[2017年12月16日3:38 https://twitter.com/girllovezine/status/941739359807660034
▼Tender Hands Press @10derhandspress
@travelinswallow @SalfordZineLib It was so lovely to meet you! Thank you so much for coming to the workshop! [絵文字:バラ][絵文字:キラキラ]
[2017年12月16日4:15 https://twitter.com/10derhandspress/status/941748555991183360
▼Goodstock @goodstockshop
@10derhandspress Zine Workshop in full swing at Good Tidings Market. Open now! #art #print #illustration #mmu @vinspired #Market #Manchester #vintage【画像】
[2017年12月15日21:33 https://twitter.com/goodstockshop/status/941647427945328640
Manchester LGBT Zine Library
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
After that I visited Manchester LGBT Zine Library @lgbtzinelibrary. I made new discoveries also here ant felt the significance of this place.【画像】
[2017年12月16日7:16 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/941794093818089473
《Zine Club Manchester - risograph zines w/ Shy Bairns》 at Partisan Collective
▼Synchronise Witches Press @s_w_press
The next #Manchester zine club is this Saturday 16th December 3-6pm @PartisanCollect w/ @shy_bairns https://m.facebook.com/events/1987631474810978/【画像】
[2017年12月15日17:16 https://twitter.com/s_w_press/status/941582660400492544
▼Synchronise Witches Press @s_w_press
& @travelinswallow's in town! It's gonna be a good 'un [絵文字:ハサミ][絵文字:ノート]
[2017年12月15日17:20 https://twitter.com/s_w_press/status/941583724700893184
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
Today I participated in the zine event "Zine Club" (with @shy_bairns at @PartisanCollect). I spent quality time. Production on my own and interaction with other participants in a conciliatory mood. 3 hours went by so fast. Thank you @shy_bairns. https://twitter.com/s_w_press/status/941582660400492544【画像】
[2017年12月17日5:54 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/942135889173544960
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
These are my productions made at today's "Zine Club". These will be contained in the compilation zine of this event (by @shy_bairns). https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/942135889173544960【画像】
[2017年12月17日6:08 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/942139451492519936
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
In addition, I made a zine『Zine Club に参加して。[Participated in Zine Club]』(A7; 8p.)while in the event "Zine Club". I contributed this to @shy_bairns. https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/942135889173544960【画像】
[2017年12月17日6:25 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/942143758518378496
▼SHY BAIRNS @shy_bairns
@travelinswallow @PartisanCollect Thank you so much for coming!!!!! It was so nice to meet you
[2017年12月17日5:59 https://twitter.com/shy_bairns/status/942137073879912453
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
@shy_bairns @PartisanCollect No, thank YOU. It was an honor to meet you.
[2017年12月17日6:15 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/942141257064775681
cf. 参加したアンソロジー・ジンの作成状況
▼SHY BAIRNS @shy_bairns
Printing our zine club zine at @PartisanCollect today!!!!!! there should be copies in here for anyone who wants one to pick up soon!【画像】
[2018年1月4日23:39 https://twitter.com/shy_bairns/status/948926797030285315
▼SHY BAIRNS @shy_bairns
@PartisanCollect is very photogenic [記号:炎]【画像】
[2018年1月8日21:33 https://twitter.com/shy_bairns/status/950344679186403329
▼SHY BAIRNS @shy_bairns
Almost done, adding a cover and binding today at @MSoAFineArt [記号:くらくら]【画像】
[2018年1月8日21:34 https://twitter.com/shy_bairns/status/950344994380017664
▼SHY BAIRNS @shy_bairns
also dropped off a copy of Shy Bairns #2, our @penfight zine club creation and also my ~emo~ zine I've been working on!! so they should b catalogued and in there soon [記号:くらくら]
[2018年1月10日6:35 https://twitter.com/shy_bairns/status/950843429982031872
Salford Zine Library
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
masterpieces at @SalfordZineLib (@UIZineLibs)【画像】
[2017年12月18日0:46 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/942420770223022084
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
@leilakassir @SalfordZineLib @UIZineLibs I found it today! https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/942420770223022084
[2017年12月18日1:06 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/942425719212269568
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
[1/2] Today I had an unexpected encounter at @SalfordZineLib. When I was reading zines, a woman came into the library. After a while, I spoke to her.
[2017年12月18日3:00 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/942454556402814977
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
[2/2] When I told that I was from Japan, she said her friend was working in Japan. Then, in the course of our conversation, I noticed that her friend's workplace was the university where I obtained my master's degree! https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/942454556402814977
[2017年12月18日3:01 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/942454804089106432
《Partisan Open House #2》 at Partisan Collective
▼Partisan Collective @partisancollective
Upstairs is perhaps the most beautiful it’s ever been right now【動画】
[2017年12月18日3:45 https://www.facebook.com/events/1866159437031436/permalink/1874967922817254/
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
Tonight I participated in "Partisan Open House # 2" @PartisanCollect. Space curation by the "Microdosing Xmas Social" was very refined, and yet unaffected. Sounds were atmospheric, and that loosened me up. Furthermore, I had an unexpected encounter also here. It was a very lucky.
[2017年12月18日7:32 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/942523013496557568
People's History Museum
Waterstones Manchester - Deansgate
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
Books I bought at Waterstones today (Both are 2017 edition) (@LaurenElkin)【画像】
[2017年12月19日1:31 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/942794538837569536
Salford Zine Library
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow today's discovery at @SalfordZineLib (@ladyfestmcr)【画像】
[2017年12月19日1:37 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/942795930843172864
Nexus ART Cafe
 ……ジンスタ・Hufi(〈GIRL LOVE.〉運営者)との意見交換



▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
What I thought through this research trip: Zine culture has brought me wonderful encounters. Zine culture has communicated my heart to others directly. So I continue to believe in the power of zine culture forever and I continue to tell everyone that thing.
[2017年12月19日6:02 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/942862781270953985
▼MACHINE ☭ WOMAN @mmachinewwoman
@travelinswallow I need to start one!!!!
[2017年12月21日1:45 https://twitter.com/mmachinewwoman/status/943522872752050176
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
@mmachinewwoman I'm glad to hear that!!
[2017年12月21日14:48 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/943719735673348097


▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
I added these zines to the collection of Cafe Phalam Zine Library (http://www.arsvi.com/d/2016mzc.htm). These were contributed by @girllovezine. Thank you @girllovezine.【画像】
[2018年1月12日11:34 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/951643533160546305
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
I added these zines to the collection of Cafe Phalam Zine Library (http://www.arsvi.com/d/2016mzc.htm). These were contributed by @shy_bairns. Thank you @shy_bairns.【画像】
[2018年1月12日14:38 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/951689799005388800
▼SHY BAIRNS @shy_bairns
Shy Bairns in Japan ! [記号:光る星] thanks so much for taking these @travelinswallow [記号:くらくら] https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/951689799005388800
[2018年1月12日20:12 https://twitter.com/shy_bairns/status/951773924152487936
▼GIRL LOVE. @girllovezine
How amazing is this? I met @travelinswallow for coffee & now Girl Love has found a new home in Japan. Thank you!!! https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/951643533160546305
[2018年1月13日21:18 https://twitter.com/girllovezine/status/952152935856857093
▼Q.H.Z.C. @QHZC_
今日のOur Tableはスペシャルゲスト @travelinswallow が来てくださり、マンチェスターのジン・ライブラリーやワークショップのお話など楽しくうかがいました! 素敵なお土産もたくさんいただきましたよ。そして @HuckleberryZine の新作とHuckleberryさんお手製キッシュ!【画像】
[2018年1月20日17:23 https://twitter.com/QHZC_/status/954630374629363712
▼kiyoshi murakami @travelinswallow
Today I provided the leaflet of Partisan Collective @PartisanCollect to CRY IN PUBLIC @cry_in_public for their reference. Yes, from Manchester to Mishima[記号:赤いビックリマーク][記号:飛行機] Autonomous spaces must link together.[記号:握手] https://twitter.com/QHZC_/status/954630374629363712
[2018年1月20日22:03 https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/954700950861524994
▼Partisan Collective @PartisanCollect
@travelinswallow @cry_in_public [記号:真紅のハート×3] maybe one day we'll get to visit!
[2018年1月21日5:43 https://twitter.com/PartisanCollect/status/954816568021708801
▼Julian Paszkiewicz @J_Paszkiewicz
So humbled that materials from a project I help run & the poster of a gig I put on is on its way to Japan. Hope to visit sometime [記号:緑のハート][記号:こぶし][記号:日本国旗] https://twitter.com/travelinswallow/status/954700950861524994
[2018年1月21日8:22 https://twitter.com/J_Paszkiewicz/status/954856810506346496


◇村上潔 2018/01-04 「[連載]都市空間と自律的文化へのアプローチ――マンチェスター・ジン・シーン・レポート」(1)~(4),Webマガジン『AMeeT』(一般財団法人ニッシャ印刷文化振興財団)
→◇2018/01/29- 「連載「都市空間と自律的文化へのアプローチ――マンチェスター・ジン・シーン・レポート」関連情報」(Related Information on the Serial Publication "An Approach to Urban Space and Autonomous Culture: Reports on Manchester Zine Scene")



*作成:村上 潔MURAKAMI Kiyoshi
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