Notes on Women's Autonomous Cultural Scenes (11)

MURAKAMI Kiyoshi / July 25, 2017

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June 30, 2017
"Women's Autonomous Cultural Scenes: Media, Space, and Activism": The 12th lecture
memorandum (some part of lecture contents)

The main theme of this lecture was "Rediscovering/Rebuilding Regional Women's History and Making Zines".

In this lecture, I settled on the subject matter of (1) two zine-related events in London and (2) an event relating to regional women's history in Manchester.

1-1. Zine making workshop at Tate Britain (July 22, 2017)
1-2. "The Revolution Will Be Photocopied" at Bishopsgate Institute (July 1, 2017)

The detailed contents of these events can be found in above links. I stipulate here only with the points I emphasized in the lecture.

These events have in common that (a) the venue is a public museum/library, (b) they have a process from learning to creation, (c) women/queer zinesters take the central role in the event.

The process of (b) has following features.
[ Releasing archival documents they own to the participants → Inducing inspiration of the participants → Linking it to the voluntary creation of the participants ]

2. Women Rule Manchester (July 4, 2017)
"Get involved in our next project building a portrait of the amazing women who make up Manchester" (GirlGangMcr @GirlGangMcr) https://twitter.com/GirlGangMcr/status/879050680744513537
"Women Rule Manchester" (or #WomenRuleMcr) is a durational interview and live performance project capturing the diverse identity and opinions of Manchester's women, their relationship to the city and their hopes for the future.[…]
"Women Rule Manchester" aims to inspire discussion of identity politics, culture, feminism, the future, exploring the confessional nature of the internet and the vlogsophere and inspiring intrigue and sentiment. *'vlogsophere'='blogosphere'?
The organizer of this event is a collective "Girl Gang Manchester".
Girl Gang Manchester is a collective of female artists, creatives, thinkers and do-ers who run an award winning event series of immersive screenings, workshops, parties, skill sharing sessions and socials to create a community of people of all genders in Manchester promoting creativity, collaboration, confidence and positivity, to help inspire and support women to succeed in life work and society.[https://www.facebook.com/pg/GirlGangMcr/about/]
In the context of this event, the long-term perspective of women's activities is emphasized. In addition, various aspects that capture women's life are focused on. Girl Gang Manchester values something creative process.

There is an organic linkage between the effort like (1) and it like (2).

These significance are as follows.
(a) Developing the substance of participants' practice from recognizing and dredging up history into express themselves.
(b) Inheriting the overlooked activities of past/present unknown women.
(c) Diversifing and raising the level of the substance of communities.

◇20170703 「2017年7月の〈テート・ブリテン〉・〈ビショップスゲート・インスティテュート〉によるZineに関するワークショップ」

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The Course in the First Half of the 2017 Academic Year at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies: Introduction to Gender Studies "Women's Autonomous Cultural Scenes: Media, Space, and Activism" (Lecturer: MURAKAMI Kiyoshi)

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