Notes on Women's Autonomous Cultural Scenes (10)

MURAKAMI Kiyoshi / July 18, 2017

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June 23, 2017
"Women's Autonomous Cultural Scenes: Media, Space, and Activism": The 11th lecture
memorandum (some part of lecture contents)

The main theme of this lecture was "The London Latinxs: Saving Safe Spaces with Celebrating Culture". In the beginning, I introduced the basic information of The London Latinxs(https://twitter.com/londonlatinxs | https://www.facebook.com/thelondonlatinxs/).

The London Latinxs define themselves as "Feminist anti-oppression grassroots group of young Latin-American activists"[https://twitter.com/londonlatinxs]and as follows.
The London Latinxs are a grassroots group of community organisers and activists, comprised of Latin Americans. We are a network to share ideas and plan direct actions around the issues that face the Latin American community in London and throughout the UK. We were born out of the belief that our community has been disenfranchised for too long, and are an inclusive space that promotes community involvement and critical analysis.[https://www.facebook.com/pg/thelondonlatinxs/about/]
In addition, they declared following matters in their struggle against gentrification.
-GENTRIFICATION IS ANTICOMMUNITY, it will not only affect the traders but also the only safe space we have left to celebrate culture, solidarity, mutual support and care!

On the 25th of June, we will be celebrating culture with
*Live music, performances and Latin American food*
- because diversity is bigger than Grainger Developer's ideas of profit before people and regeneration.
From the above, it can be pointed out that they emphasize (safe) spaces and (their own) culture in the activities.

The points of that direction are as follows.
・ethnic identity
・direct action

But what is much more important is the dimension that they face both the gender issue and ethnic identity problem inside a social movement.
We work to overthrow the patriarchal, racist, homophobic notions of what it is to be 'a latino/a'. As a group we aim to change society, ourselves, our collective being, and prepare for decolonisation![Younis & Quarless 2016]

We hope to inspire others to find their own affinity groups to organise with and rise up to fight the racist, heteronormative, capitalist and patriarchal system.[Younis & Quarless 2016]
They are thorough about 'decolonizing' in the aspect of using language ―as symbolized by 'Latinxs'― as well as in actual actions. In this way, they resist comprehensively sexism, racism, patriarchy society and colonialism through the anti-gentrification action.

◇The London Latinxs "Resist Gentrification!" (April 9, 2017) =村上潔訳「[アピール]ジェントリフィケーションに抵抗せよ!」(2017/06/21)http://www.arsvi.com/2010/20170621mk.htm
◇The London Latinxs "[Event] Salsa&Samba Shutdown PART II" (June 19, 2017) =村上潔訳「[イベント]サルサ&サンバ・シャットダウン パート2」(2017/06/22)http://www.arsvi.com/2010/20170621mk.htm
◇Usayd Younis & Cassie Quarless "London Latinxs: Building Affinity Groups, Fighting Oppression", STRIKE! Issue 15 (MAR-APR 2016): 29=村上潔訳「ロンドン・ラティンクス――アフィニティ・グループを作り、抑圧と闘う」(2017/07/11)http://www.arsvi.com/2010/20170711mk.htm

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The Course in the First Half of the 2017 Academic Year at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies: Introduction to Gender Studies "Women's Autonomous Cultural Scenes: Media, Space, and Activism" (Lecturer: MURAKAMI Kiyoshi)

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