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[Zine Talk]イギリスにおけるジン・フェスト/ジン・ライブラリー/ジン関連プロジェクトの概要

Theme:"The Briefing on Zine Fests / Zine Libraries / Zine-related Projects in the U.K."
Date:May 20, 2017 (Saturday) 16:00-16:30
Venue:三島市民生涯学習センター 5F 手芸室
=Mishima City Lifelong Learning Center (Shizuoka, Japan)
Held as Part of 《Quiet Hills Zine Festival》(14:00-19:00)
Guest Speaker (Lecturer):村上 潔MURAKAMI Kiyoshi

last update: 20170525

告知(Announcement) ■トーク内容(Contents of the Talk) ■主催者によるレポート(Organizer's Report) ■参加者の感想・レポート(Participants' Feedback/Report) ■関連情報(Related Information)





*出典:https://qhzc.tumblr.com/post/158054549016/(Quiet Hills Zine Collective - tumblr/Mar 6th, 2017)

村上潔さん によるジン・トーク


・ジン・カルチャーの今後の展開における可能性と課題の指摘 など

なかなか知る機会のない海外のジン・カルチャー、その動きや取り組みがわかるとても貴重な機会です! どうぞお聞き逃しなく。
村上 潔(むらかみ・きよし)
神戸市外国語大学での担当科目《ジェンダー論入門》では、2016年度に「Grrrl / Queer / Feminist Zines」というテーマで講義を展開した。
2016年10月から、京都で毎月第2金曜日の朝に《Morning Zine Circle》を開催している。

5/20のQ.H.Z.F.では、イギリスのジンシーンについて村上潔さんに話していただく、ジン・トーク があります!
ジンに関連する様々な企画や取り組みについて知る貴重なチャンス! 私たちもとても楽しみにしています。ぜひ。【リンク】
[2017年3月9日12:50 https://twitter.com/QHZC_/status/839684670774140929]


■トーク内容(Contents of the Talk)

【Contents of Talk *Plan*】
・Introduction to 18 cities' examples (London, Manchester, Leeds, etc.)
・Introduction to related events (Anarchist Bookfairs and Radical Bookfairs)
・Introduction to related organizations (Association of Librarians, Feminist organizations, and Museums)
・Pointing out the compositeness and cross-cuttingness of their media/activities
・Pointing out the possibilities and agenda of developing zine culture after this
[March 22, 2017]



◇DIY Cultures Fair(@DIYCulturesFair)
「A day of zines, workshops, talks and films celebrating the spirit of DIY.」https://twitter.com/DIYCulturesFair
・DIY Cultures 2017: Zines, comics, activist day festival(2017/05/14 at Rich Mix London)
「DIY Cultures fair is back for its 5th year on Sunday 14th May to takeover all 4 floors of Rich Mix. DIY Cultures is an annual day festival exploring intersections of art and activism, running since 2013.」
「This years highlights include:
+ Icon SAFFIYAH KHAN - the lady who dared stare the EDL in the face giving closing speech on Solidarty at 6.40pm
+ New film commission on how zines helped Hillsborough justice before the mainstream media (with archival collection of Liverpool zines under under Thatcher)
+ Zines East Africa showcase how DIY Culture influence spread to Africa with Zines from Tanzania & Uganda exhibition display
・“DIY Cultures 2017 - 'zine fairs are no longer a white boy world'”(SHANE BOOTHBY/20170512/The Leveller)http://theleveller.org/2017/05/diy-cultures-fair-2017/

「Magazine exploring art, ideas and activism of women. Co-organisers @DIYCulturesFair」https://twitter.com/oomkzine
・“Heiba, Sofia & Rose”(Words by Kadish Morris & Photography by Dunja Opalko/掲載日不明〔20170518?〕/G-IRL)http://g-irl.com/heiba-sofia-rose/

◇Rabbits Road Press(@RabbitsRdPress)
「Rabbits Road Press is a community risograph print studio and publishing press run by @oomkzine at @RabbitsRd. Open Access every Tuesday 2-7pm.」https://twitter.com/rabbitsrdpress

・ZINE WORLD: Rabbits Road Press Zine Fair(2017/03/25 at Old Manor Park Library)

◇WEIRDO ZINE FEST(2016/01/31 at DIY Space for London|2017/07/15 at Sutton House)
「WEIRDO ZINE FEST is a new zine fair privileging radical and marginalised voices. It's happening at DIY space for London.
Preference for tables will be given to women, queers, POC, trans, genderqueer, non-binary, intersex, disabled, working class and otherwise marginalised folks.」https://www.facebook.com/events/865940280157674
「Weirdo Zine Fest is a self-publishing fair celebrating DIY cultural production by radical and marginalised people. Preference for tables goes to women, queers, POC, disabled people, trans people, fat people, sex workers and anyone who is otherwise marginalised.」https://www.facebook.com/events/716759361828973/
|*organised by
◇Kirsty Fife(@DIYarchivist)
「Archivist @mediamuseum, zine maker, organiser (weirdo zine fest) and grrrl punk with @cat_apostrophe and @suggestedfronds.」https://twitter.com/DIYarchivist
「a DIY cultural activist, organiser and producer and archivist based in Leeds, Yorkshire.」https://kirstyfife.wordpress.com/

◇BENT FEST London(@BentFest)
「BENT FEST - Annual Queer/DIY/Punk fest in London over the last weekend of May at @diyspace4london」https://twitter.com/BentFest
・BENT FEST 2017(2017/05/26〜05/28 at DIY Space for London)
「More QUEER PUNK and exciting times are on the horizon so get yr glitter and studs ready because Bent Fest 2017 is going to be a wild one!!! Three days of punk and DIY bands from all over the UK and abroad, there will be dancing and singing at the Drag-e-oke with the one and only RUBY WATERS, and that darling of the DIY community KIRSTY FIFE is hosting a zine fair!!」https://www.facebook.com/events/323319111399681/

◇Bent Fest Zine Fair(2017/05/27 at DIY Space for London)
*organised by Kirsty Fife

「Grrrl Zine Fair are Do It Your damn self and make punk publishing parties whilst doing some distributing & publishing on the side. We platform zines and bands who we love and think/know you will too. We work with an intersectional feminist, queer and punk ethos. We aim to create inclusive events for all women & non binary folk - allies are welcome but please be aware of safe spaces and what they mean to feminist and lgbtq communites.」https://www.facebook.com/events/157716691382769/

◇Stanley's Film Club(@StanleyFilmClub):2017/03/22
「We've hooked up with Grrrl Zine Fair to host a #zine workshop on 22.03. Check out the poster! http://www.stanleysfilmclub.com/events/american-honey-15-zine-workshop/[…]」https://twitter.com/StanleyFilmClub/status/837701016900493312
「Arrive early to take part in a zine workshop hosted by Grrrl Zine Fair, a not for profit organisation that creates inclusive DIY events and acts as a go-to resource for news about protests, gigs and workshops. Zine bundles will also be for sale.」https://www.stanleysfilmclub.com/events/american-honey-15-zine-workshop/

◇#genesisters(at Genesis Cinema)
「#Genesisters is a monthly riot girl night first curated by Genesis Cinema back in September 2015. Inspired by Bikini Kill’s ‘girls to the front’ policy of the 90s DIY riot grrrl movement, which prioritised safe spaces for women at punk gigs, as well as a showcase for female artists.」
*including feminist zine stalls

◇Alternative Press(@alt_press)
「A collective of artists dedicated to encouraging creativity through self publishing, zine making, DIY and beyond. Co-organisers of @SmallPressDay.」https://twitter.com/alt_press

◇Zine Collection, London College of Communication Library
「The collection is an off-shoot of the Printing Historical Collection and currently contains over 3000 zines and fanzines. The collection contains zines primarily created within the 21st century although the oldest zine in the collection dates back to the late 1970s.」http://www.arts.ac.uk/study-at-ual/library-services/collections-and-archives/london-college-of-communication/#Zine_Collection

◇The Feminist Library
「The Feminist Library is a large collection of Women's Liberation Movement literature based in London. We have been supporting research, activist and community projects since 1975.」http://feministlibrary.co.uk/
・「We're trying to build a zine catalogue now so thought it'd be good to be in touch. We should continue this via email https://twitter.com/zinecat/status/843616052575703040」(2017/03/20 https://twitter.com/feministlibrary/status/843621552339992576)

◇Queer Zine-Making and Crafting!(2017/06/10 at The Feminist Library)

◇The Women's Library - LSE
「The Women’s Library collection is a cross-domain collection containing printed material, archives and 3D objects. The majority of the material dates from the late 19th century to present day. The focus is mainly UK, but there is some international material.」http://www.lse.ac.uk/Library/Collections/Collection-highlights/The-Womens-Library

◇Bishopsgate Institute - Library
「Bishopsgate Library's collections cover a variety of subject areas which explore radical, social, labour, feminist and gay history in London」http://www.bishopsgate.org.uk/Library/Library-and-Archive-Collections

◇Tate Britain
・Zine making workshop(2017/07/22 at Library & Archive Reading Rooms of Tate Britain)
「As part of International Zine Month 2017, enjoy this workshop hosted by Holly Callaghan and artist Seleena Daye. Take the chance to make your own zine in response to artists, works, and themes in the Tate collection, and add your completed zine to the library’s special collections.」http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-britain/workshop/zine-making
*Holly Callaghan(Holly Casio @supercasio)とSeleena Daye(@SugarPaperzine)はマンチェスターを拠点に活動

◇The British Library
・Exhibition“Punk 1976-78”(2016/05/13〜10/02)
「the exhibition explores punk’s early days in the capital and reveals how its remarkable influence spread across music, fashion, print and graphic styles nationwide. Showcasing a range of fanzines, flyers, recordings and record sleeves from the British Library’s collections[…]」https://www.bl.uk/events/punk-1976-78

◇Northwest Zinefest(@nwzinefest)(2016/06/18 at Islington Mill[Salford])
「An annual Zinefest for the Northwest as well as other regular events and outreach brought to you by the @salfordzinelib Team!」https://twitter.com/nwzinefest

◇Salford Zine Library(@SalfordZineLib)
「Salford Zine Library is a self-publishing archive based at @NexusArtCafe in Manchester's Northern Quarter. Open Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm, 12pm-6pm on Sundays.」https://twitter.com/SalfordZineLib

◇Poor Pals Club(@poorpalsc)
「A space & bi-annual events supporting & showcasing work by skint Northern creatives.」https://twitter.com/poorpalsc
・Poor Pals Club Pop Up Show(2016/08/20 at Fuel Cafe Bar)
「Poor Pals Club is for & by skint artists, writers, muscians & filmmakers. We invite you to our very first pop up show consisting of the following:
From 2pm tp 6pm:
- Crafty zine stalls
From 7pm to 9pm:
- Open mic/Slam poetry
- Zine reading」https://www.facebook.com/events/1255876784447061/

◇pen fight(@penfight)
「UK based zine and art distro / run by @vlikesdrawing / workshops, DIY culture, feminism, perzines + other nice things.」https://twitter.com/penfight

◇Synchronise Witches(@s_w_press)
「A one-woman run press + zine distro, home of the Chapess zine https://tinyletter.com/synchronise」https://twitter.com/s_w_press
*Cherry Styles(@cherry_styles)
「Cherry Styles started Synchronise Witches Press in 2012, runs the Chapess zine and is 1/4 of Salford Zine Library.」http://cherrystyles.co.uk/about/

◇Feminist Crafting & Zine-Making Workshop(2017/03/06 at Arthur Lewis Building Common Room, Ground Floor)
2-5pm: feminist zine making workshop with Cherry Styles of The Chapess Zine! (http://cherrystyles.co.uk/the-chapess/)
12-5pm: If zine making isn't your style, there will be plenty of opportunities all afternoon to take part in other forms of feminist crafts -- from exploring feminist issues through poster and placard making, to exploring bodies and the representation of female sexuality by the mediums of drawing, colouring and collage!」https://www.facebook.com/events/1631089037198478/

◇Can You Hear Me Now?(@CYHMNzine)
「a music zine that gives women a voice」https://twitter.com/CYHMNzine
・Can You Hear Me Now? Zine Workshop(2017/06/03 at Nexus Art Cafe)
「Come to our workshop on Saturday June 3rd at 2-4pm at Nexus Arts Cafe in the Northern Quarter for 2 hours of zine making to inspire and empower women to make, discover, and reclaim the music we love.」https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/can-you-hear-me-now-zine-workshop-tickets-34567780161

◇Girl Gang Manchester(@GirlGangMcr)
「Unique female run event series+community promoting creativity,collaboration,confidence+ positivity,helping inspire+support women to succeed in life work+society」https://twitter.com/GirlGangMcr

◇Ladyfest Manchester(@ladyfestmcr)
「Ladyfest 2016 | 7-9th October An inclusive festival of music, art and ideas furthering Manchester’s proud history of talented, creative and radical women.」https://twitter.com/ladyfestmcr

◇Wonder Women(@WonderWomenMcr)
「Feminist festival celebrating art, music, film, debate + Manchester women. 2-12 March 2017.」https://twitter.com/WonderWomenMcr

◇Women in Print(@womeninprintmcr)
「Celebrating the role of women in Manchester's great past & present through print | Curated by @bowyerjane」https://twitter.com/womeninprintmcr

◇Clandestine Collective Arts(@clandestzine)
「Young Northern Lass Collective」https://twitter.com/clandestzine
「Clandestine is a female identified collective based in the North-East of England, working within all art forms and all art topics, on all levels.」https://www.facebook.com/ClandestineCollectiveArts/

◇Manchester LGBT Zine Library(@lgbtzinelibrary)
「LGBT / feminist / queer zine library within the Joyce Layland LGBT Centre since March 2014. We do @TypicalGirlsMcr too」https://twitter.com/lgbtzinelibrary

◇Typical Girls(@TypicalGirlsMcr)
「We put on gigs and clubnights playing female fronted music! Profits to local womens/LGBT charities. typicalgirlsdisco@live.com. We do @lgbtzinelibrary too」https://twitter.com/TypicalGirlsMcr

◇Huddersfield Zine Library
「Zine library featuring a wide range of different genre's and styles of zines. More zine related activity coming to Huddersfield soon including a monthly Zine Club!」https://www.facebook.com/huddzinelibrary/

◇Zine Club #2 at The Making Space(2017/03/05 at The Making Space)
「New monthly zine club at The Making Space! Bring along your latest zine to work on, come along to learn more about zines, or just come and sit and chat with a cuppa!.」
「Please note this isn't a zine making workshop and is more of a social/own project thing. There will be zine making workshops in the future, but zine club is for working on your own thing, browsing the zine library, collaborating or just coming along to have a chat and see what it's about :)」https://www.facebook.com/events/1783428361980389/

◇Radical Librarians Collective Gathering 2015(2015/07/04 at Yorkshire Children's Centre)

◇Leeds Zine Fair(2017/03/25 at Leeds Central Library)
主催:Leeds Libraries
「The Leeds Zine Fair is part of our Zine Exhibition in Room 700, Central Library during March 2017. Zines have been collected from groups across Leeds, including workshops taking place in libraries across Leeds. The exhibition will showcase Leeds culture, heritage, talent and creativity.」https://www.facebook.com/events/1395060570545706/
・Synchronise(Witches @s_w_press)「Tabling @leedslibraries zine fair Sat 25th March 11-3pm + peep some copies of the #Chapess in the exhibition too! https://www.facebook.com/events/1395060570545706/」(2017/03/04 https://twitter.com/s_w_press/status/837687081191288832)
・Synchronise(Witches @s_w_press)「I'm tabling @leedslibraries zine fair this Sat, great chance to pop in and see the @Studio12Leeds exhibition too! https://www.facebook.com/events/1395060570545706/」(2017/03/21 https://twitter.com/s_w_press/status/844169141313507329)
・claireduffield(@flowersclaire)「The zine exhibition is ready for Monday! We will be adding to it next week. Give it a visit! @leedslibraries Room700. [記号:目がハートの笑顔] @FootprintLeeds」(2017/03/19 https://twitter.com/flowersclaire/status/843153239948382211)

◇Leeds Libraries(@leedslibraries)

◇Open Letters(@opnletters)
「we read letters, aloud. fiction & nonfiction. to people, places & things. podcast available on itunes, stitcher, etc. open-mic evenings at @HPBCleeds」https://twitter.com/opnletters

◇Open Letters #5(2017/06/19 at Hyde Park Book Club)
「OPEN LETTERS is an open-mic, so just sign up on the night to read. 5-10 minute slots. readings must be of letters, but letters can be fiction or nonfiction, real or unreal.
PLUS : the launch of the OPEN LETTERS zine, available to preorder or buy on the night.」https://www.opnletters.net/events/

◇Sheffield Zine Fest(@sheffzinefest)
・Sheffield Zine Fest 2017(2017/02/25 at The Hubs, Sheffield Hallam Students' Union)
「Feb 25th 2017 - The Hubs, Paternoster Row, Sheffield. Organised by @mardybettie and @chellaquint」https://twitter.com/sheffzinefest

◇York Zine Library
「York Zine Library is a small lending library of zines, indie press comics and DIY publications based at Travelling Man York. Come down to read and borrow!」https://www.facebook.com/yorkzinelibrary/

◇Zine Fair at Ground(2017/01/28-29 at Ground)

◇Lincoln Zine Fest(@lincolnzinefest)
・Lincoln Zine Fest 2016(2016/10/15 at Lincoln Central Library)

◇Queen of the Track(@QueenTrackZine)
「Queen of the Track is a zine and digital platform for self-identified women run by a tiny team of feminists and friends based in Liverpool, UK.」https://queenofthetrack.com/

◇Liverpool Zine Cooperative(@liverpoolzineco)
「a Liverpool-based co-op set up to provide a network for zine-makers to share skills and resources for individual publications and reprints.」https://twitter.com/liverpoolzineco
「We are currently creating a zine library in the Courtroom Cafe/Liverpool Small Cinema on Victoria St.[…]Zine donations can be dropped off at Liverpool Small Cinema or sent to Apt 3, 11 Deane Rd, Liverpool, L7 0ES. Most of the posts on here are a visual archive of the zines in our collection along with some of our own zines.」http://liverpoolzinecoop.tumblr.com/

◇Zine Making Workshops and Pop Up Zine Library hosted by Salford Zine Library(2016/07/17 at Liverpool Small Cinema *主催:Liverpool Small Cinema)
「We are delighted to welcome Salford Zine Library back to the cinema to host two zine making workshops, as part of 58%.
Fresh from hosting North West Zine Fest, a celebration of zine culture in the North West, they will be discussing zines, self publishing and DIY press and also sharing their skills. Whether you’re completely new to zine culture or an experienced zine maker, the workshop is suitable for all abilities and everyone is welcome.
In addition to this, Salford Zine Library will also be hosting a pop up zine library in the cinema with a wide selection of zines from their archive in Manchester for you to browse.
The zine workshops will be led by Cherry Styles (Synchronise Witches Press, Salford Zine Library and The Chapess Zine http://cherrystyles.co.uk/), Elizabeth Murray Jones and Steve Carlton (Salford Zine Library and Young Explorer Zine http://www.salfordzinelibrary.co.uk/), Ingrid Francis (Salford Zine Library and Mythologising Me http://mythologisingme.tumblr.com/) and Vicky Stevenson (Pen Fight Zine Distro http://penfightdistro.com/)」https://www.facebook.com/events/1625910311055581/

◇National Museums Liverpool
・Fanzines(<Scenes and the media<Sites and scenes<The Beat Goes Online<The Beat Goes On<Exhibitions<World Museum<Home)

◇Wur Bradford(@wurbradford)
「Responsive, grassroots creativity based in Bradford's Kirkgate Market, open to all! Open Thursdays 12-3pm. Current art and activism project @powerupcre8tive」https://twitter.com/wurbradford
「Wur Bradford is a grassroots art and social space in a market stall in Kirkgate Market to explore how we can make our city and our world better through imagination and collective action. The project was started by artist Jean McEwan in Spring 2015 and now has expanded to be run by a small collective of Bradford artists who are interested in how art can change the world.」https://wurbradford.wordpress.com/what-is-wur-bradford/
・Wur Bradford zine shop
「We’ve made quite a few zines together recently, exploring different themes important to us, as part of our Season of Change. We thought it was about time we created an online shop so more people have the opportunity to get hold of them.
We are really proud of our zines which were made collectively by members and friends of Wur Bradford:
Our zine on the theme of WELCOME was shown as part of Bradford Refugee Festival exhibition in June 2016, containing personal stories, thoughts, artwork and conversations on the theme.
All proceeds from the zine go to Bradford Immigration & Asylum Support & Advice Network (BIASAN) http://www.brc-net.org.uk/networks.htm」https://wurbradford.wordpress.com/2016/07/24/wur-bradford-zine-shop/

◇Bradford Libraries(@bradfordlibs247)
・Jean McEwan(@Jeanmcewan)「Optimum day making a collective #IWD2017 zine today @bradfordlibs247 with awesome, inspiring women #BeBoldForChange」(2017/03/09 https://twitter.com/Jeanmcewan/status/839537600239108098)

「Raw Print presents Nottingham Zine Fair, an exciting annual event showcasing the most exciting independent zine's around.」https://twitter.com/NottsZineFair
・Notts Zine Fest at Rough Trade Nottingham(2016/10/15 at Rough Trade Nottingham *主催:Rough Trade Nottingham)
「'This year Dizzy Ink and artist Hannah Whitlow will be holding the third Nottingham Zine Festival from 12-6pm on Saturday 15th October at Rough Trade Nottingham. We are inviting zine makers, distro's, independent presses, & libraries to celebrate all things self published! There will be stalls selling zines and prints, talks, workshops, live screen printing & Vinyl only DJ's on throughout the day!'」https://www.facebook.com/events/1649789608683825/

◇Birmingham Zine Festival(@birmzinefest)
「The first ever Birmingham Zine Festival took place in September 2010. It is run by volunteers who wish to celebrate and showcase exciting work that is published by independent artists and writers.」
「The Birmingham Zine Festival returns in July 2011 to celebrate alternative publications! It will feature a varied collection of exhibitors who self-publish books, comics and magazines.」https://www.facebook.com/pg/birminghamzinefestival/about/
・Birmingham Zine Festival 2012
「Birmingham Zine Festival 2012 12th-15th October! Independent Publishing Fair 13th!」https://www.facebook.com/pg/birminghamzinefestival/about/
「Birmingham Zine Festival 2012 Programme」https://issuu.com/missmeeno/docs/bzf2012programmeweb

◇Leicester Riot Grrrls(@LeicsRiotGrrrls)
「New group for riot grrrls in Leicester and the people who love and support them. Monthly meetings, music, film and more!」https://twitter.com/leicsriotgrrrls
「Leicester Riot Grrrls formed in 2016. we are an eclectic group of women of all ages, performers, poets, artists, gig goers, photographers, students, academics, mothers, daughters. We meet to share experiences and support one another. Over the last few months we have collected material for our first Zine and need help getting it printed. In true Zine tradition it will have a handmade vibe! and will be a limited edition. The content will be articles, artwork, book review, gig review, photography, poetry, and a call to get involved by joining us.」https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/497699313/leicester-riot-grrrl-zine-no-1-quality-kick-ass-co

◇Do Something' zine at Astral Gypsy (Coventry)(2016/12/04 at The Astral Gypsy *主催:Selina Lock)
「'Do Something' is a charity zine which contains comics, illustrations, short stories, poetry & non-fiction. Profits go to HOPE not hate.
To tie-in with the HOPE not hate weekend of action, editors Jay Eales & Selina Lock will be at Astral Gypsy on Sunday 4th Dec to sell copies and chat」https://www.facebook.com/events/226533384445814/

◇The Bristol Comic and Zine Fair(@zinescomics)
「The Bristol Comic and Zine Fair celebrates the world of DIY & independent publishing. Sat 7th October 2017.」https://twitter.com/zinescomics
・Bristol Comic & Zine Fair 2017(2017/10/07 at The Station)

◇Bristol Anarchist Zine Fair(2017/05/13 at Kebele social centre *主催:Bristol Anarchist Bookfair)
「Zines, pamphlets, booklets… whatever you want to call them, many of us can agree that they’re a great way to spread information and share ideas easily and accessibly.
So this May, as a build up to this year’s bookfair, we are having a Bristol anarchist zinefair!」https://www.facebook.com/events/233557320451024/

◇Cornwall Zine Library at Howl Space
・Synchronise Witches(@s_w_press)「New UK #Zine #Library alert! http://instagram.com/p/BT4yLT3BzMI/」(2017/05/11 https://twitter.com/s_w_press/status/862653836984545281)
*Howl Space:https://www.facebook.com/HowlSpacePenryn/

◇DIY Southampton(@thiszineissmall)
・DIY Southampton 5(2017/06/12 at Planet Sounds)
「DIY Southampton 5! June 12 - 6pm 10th at Planet Sounds. #zines / #spokenword / #music / #poetry / #skillshares / #FUN」(2017/04/11 https://twitter.com/thiszineissmall/status/851688806155788288)

◇librarian killjoy: art stuff, library stuff, grumpiness, etc.
「My name is Siobhan, and I’m a librarian and artist living and working in Brighton, UK.
My interests include making art, reading, zines, my cat and hot sauce.」https://librariankilljoy.wordpress.com/about/

◇Radical Librarians Collective Gathering 2016(2016/07/09 at Cowley Club)

◇St. Peters House Library(University of Brighton, City Campus)
・StPetersHouseLibrary(@SPHLibrary)「Energetic overview of zines in the UK from @wigglymittens librarian #radicalvoices ppl giving their own accounts or it's super niche #DIY」(2017/03/03 https://twitter.com/SPHLibrary/status/837676818148753408)
*@wigglymittens=Siobhan=librarian killjoy

◇BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2017(2017/03/03 at Brighton Dome, Brighton Women's Centre and Brighton Museum)
・「Zine Making with Sister Zine」(Workshop)https://brightoninternationalwomensday.org/2017/03/03/sign-up-for-workshops/
・Sister Magazine(@sisterzine)「Zine workshop in full swing! We're here til 1pm so come on down @iwdbrighton [記号:女性マーク]」(2017/03/04 https://twitter.com/sisterzine/status/837996914738085888)

◇Zine Workshop - Sick!(2017/07/09 at INTRA *Organiser:Sick! Living with Invisible)
「A workshop for those affected by invisible illnesses - guiding you to express yourself through words, images or collage to create a collaborative zine on this theme. Led by artist and printmaker Xtina Lamb, your contributions will be compiled into a small DIY publication - a 'zine', to be printed on INTRA's Risograph machine. The zine will be available free to visitors of the Sick! exhibition at Sun Pier House in Chatham, Kent in August.」https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/zine-workshop-sick-tickets-34655160518
*Sick! Living with Invisible:「Sick! is a contemporary art exhibition of 12 hand picked artists exploring their personal experiences living with invisible illness. It will begin a much needed conversation about something rarely talked about, but impacts so many lives.」https://www.facebook.com/sickexhibition

◇Glasgow Women's Library: Celebrating Scotland's Women
・zines | Glasgow Women's Library
「GWL has a fantastic and diverse zine collection dating from the early 1990s to present day ranging from music fanzines, Riot Grrrl, feminist and LGBT+ zines, and even zines about zines!」http://womenslibrary.org.uk/event/zine-and-heard/
・Zine and Heard(2016/07/14)
「This event will celebrate the completion of the collection being catalogued and published online making it accessible to all. As well as having the chance to hear from a panel of zine experts, there will be live music, refreshments and the chance to pick up zines from local zine makers.」http://womenslibrary.org.uk/event/zine-and-heard/
・Twilight Zine! Zine Making Workshop(2015/10/28)
「At this workshop on Wednesday 28th October from 2pm to 4pm discover the wonderful world of fanzines and make your own unique zine that celebrates your life as an older woman (we love to show off in front of younger pups too, so all ages are welcome).」http://womenslibrary.org.uk/event/twilight-zine-making-workshop/

◇Glasgow Zine Fest(@GlasgowZineFest)
「A DIY & self-publishing festival in sunny Glasgow」https://twitter.com/GlasgowZineFest
・Glasgow Zine Fest 2017(2017/04/29-30 at CCA glasgow)
「This tradition continues at GZF with a programme focused on equality and engagement. GZF will feature a slate of events, including screenings, talks, seminars, and a series of practical workshops in zine-making.
The main event of GZF is a zine fair, featuring collections from zine makers of all shapes and sizes, as well as zine libraries and distributors.」https://www.facebook.com/events/180802282423959/
・Glasgow Zine Fest(@GlasgowZineFest)「Glasgow Zine Fest are pleased to present Sini Anderson's 'The Punk Singer'
30 April 7:30pm @CCA_glasgow
#punk #fe…」(2017/04/01 https://twitter.com/GlasgowZineFest/status/848180754026835969)

◇Glasgow Science Festival: Climate Change Adaptation - Student Zine Workshop(2017/06/08 at University of Glasgow)
「What does climate change mean to you? How will it affect your life? Explore the issues, discover the latest research in climate adaptation and create your own mini-magazine to take home. This event is for college/university students only.」https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/glasgow-science-festival-climate-change-adaptation-student-zine-workshop-tickets-33628554913

◇Glasgow School of Art Library
・Zine Library
「Our Zine Library can be found next to the current journals on Level 1 of the Library. As well as DIY publications by artists, the zine collection also contains small-press publications about architecture, design, society, and politics.」https://lib.gsa.ac.uk/zine-library/
・GSA Library Zine Collection
「Explore the zine collection at Glasgow School of Art Library」http://gsazines.tumblr.com/

◇Radical Librarians Collective Gathering 2017(2017/07/15 at Glasgow Women's Library)

◇Edinburgh Zine Makers
「For anyone who makes/reads/likes zines in Edinburgh... this is a place to find out what zine-related events are going on and for you to share your work」https://www.facebook.com/Edinburgh-Zine-Makers-1709881416007215/

◇Crisps Shop(@crispsshop)
「comics/zines/books shop based inside Paradise Palms, 41 Lothian Street, Edinburgh & online at http://www.crispsshop.com」https://twitter.com/crispsshop
・crisps summer zine fest(2017/06/18 at The Fruitmarket Gallery)
「ZINE FAIR - STALL DEADLINE TODAY! Apply here https://goo.gl/forms/tzxLvNiqItDJPeAu1 … 18/06 6.30-8pm @fruitmarket in collab with @edinburghpalms [記号:にやにやした顔][記号:!!マーク]」https://twitter.com/crispsshop/status/866224634789847041

◇ZineFest w/ Palms + Crisps(2016/12/11 at Paradise Palms *主催:Paradise Palms)
It's not like we need an excuse to throw a great party, but zines make a pretty good theme for a shindig. It's a zine-dig, a jambor-zine, a sweet six-zine.」https://www.facebook.com/events/345447362477367/

◇Bookmarks - ECA Artists' Book and Zine Fair
「Edinburgh College of Art Artists' Books and Zine Fair, organised by ECA's Illustration programme
24th March 2016
Sculpture Court, ECA」https://www.facebook.com/ecabookmarks/
・Bookmarks 2017: Artists' Books and Small Press(2017/03/29 at Sculpture Court and Main Lecture Theatre, ECA main building)
「In its third year, BOOKMARKS will again provide a stimulating platform for visitors to explore artists’ books and zines made by practitioners from across Scotland. Exploring the artists’ book in its broadest sense, BOOKMARKS is a first stop for those interested in bookmaking as an artistic practice.」https://www.facebook.com/events/135515010288801/

◇Lothian Health Services Archive(@lhsaeul)
「Lothian Health Services Archive collects, preserves, catalogues & promotes the historically important records of NHS hospitals & other health material.」https://twitter.com/lhsaeul
・samar ziadat(@samarziadat)「My zine workshops on medical women at @lhsaeul have been shortlisted for an award! Thank you to everyone who attended and voted![記号:絶叫した顔][記号:鼓動するハート]」(2017/03/14 https://twitter.com/samarziadat/status/841613509649670144)

◇Making History: a Feminist Craft Project(2017/02/20 at Centre For Research Collections Seminar Room, University of Edinburgh Library)
「Historically, and in the present day, women's achievements and contributions to society have been erased from history - let's change that! Join us at the Lothian Health Services Archive to explore our materials on women's history, and make our own history through a crafty zine-making session. All are welcome!」http://www.festivalofcreativelearning.ed.ac.uk/making-history-feminist-craft-project-0

◇SPEAK Zine: Launch Party(2016/12/05 at Southside Social *主催:Edinburgh University Feminist Society)
「Loads of lovely folks have submitted beautiful their stories, poems, and art around the theme of SEX and it's looking [文字化け×2]and alllll proceeds go to the Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre
Come and escape finals stress for a bit and get your dose of grrrl power! We've got tunez and bunting lined up for y'all」https://www.facebook.com/events/1138124859634534

◇Zine Workshop, Harpies Fechters and Quines Festival, Edinburgh(2015/06/16 at George Washington Brown Room, Edinburgh Central Library)
「This festival of talks, exhibitions and workshops is organised through a partnership between Glasgow Women’s Library, Edinburgh City libraries and the Bonnie Fechters women’s group. This year the theme is women and words - from poetry and performance, blogging and key works by iconic feminist writers to blogs, diaries, and journals. You can join in and create your own words or come along and hear from and read about other women of the past and present.」http://womenslibrary.org.uk/event/zine-workshop-harpies-fechters-and-quines-2015-edinburgh/

◇2017 Belfast Photo Festival
・Zine Workshop with Unseen(2017/06/09 at Belfast Exposed)
「In partnership with Unseen Photo Fair, we are pleased to present a three-day workshop where participants learn how to make their own zine with a story and project of their choice.
Working with other people’s imagery as well as your own, you will learn to take a more daring and experimental approach to really make your zine unique.」



◆Music(Live/Dance)+Workshops+Zine stall
/+Panel Discussions
/+Film Screening

「SIREN is a London based collective formed in 2016. With an aim to create a safe and immersive space for those who are underrepresented in dance music, whilst continuing to critique the electronic music scene as a whole. Alongside throwing parties and music events, SIREN publish a zine and online platform, run a monthly NTS radio show, host workshops and consult on other events. Members of the collective are DJs, producers, VJs, writers, graphic designers and fine artists.」https://www.residentadvisor.net/promoter.aspx?id=58592
・“London Crew Siren Defy Sexism in Dance Music”(Text by Christian Glatz /
Photo by Francesca Allen/20160720/PW-MAGAZINE)http://www.pw-magazine.com/2016/london-crew-siren-defy-sexism-in-dance-music/
・“The girl crew partying for a better world”(Text: Ione Gamble/20160407/Dazed)http://www.dazeddigital.com/music/article/30653/1/siren-london-clubbing-zine-partying-collective-female-girl

◆医療・疾患関係(Lothian Health Services Archive/Sick - Living With Invisible Illness)

◆Anarchist Bookfair
◇London Anarchist Bookfair
◇Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair
◇Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair
◇Liverpool Anarchist Book Fair
◇Bristol Anarchist Bookfair
◇Cardiff Anarchist Bookfair
◇Belfast Anarchist Bookfair

◆Radical Bookfair
◇London Radical Bookfair
「Apart from a wide range of radical booksellers, authors and publishers, there will also be stalls with comix and zine makers, artists and exhibitions, plus workshops and talks.」https://londonradicalbookfair.wordpress.com/
◇Cambridge Radical Bookfair
◇Swindon Radical Bookfair
◇Dorset Radical Bookfair
◇Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair
「There will also be book launches featuring Aiblins - new Scottish political poetry; Gut Flora - a feminist Zine anthology[…] and over 100 publishers’ stalls.」http://www.cityofliterature.com/20th-edinburgh-independent-radical-book-fair-2016/

◇Alliance of Radical Booksellers
・“Radical Bookfairs 2017”(2017/01/30 http://www.radicalbooksellers.co.uk/?p=400)
・The London Radical Bookfair & Alternative Press Takeover(2014/05/10 at Bishopsgate Institute *主催:Amneet Johal & Rose Nordin)
「Radical booksellers and publishers / comics and zine makers / artists and activists / book fair / small press fair / exhibitions / talks / workshops / book awards
In collaboration with the London Radical Bookfair and the Alliance of Radical Booksellers, Alternative Press will be taking over Bishopsgate Institute.」https://www.facebook.com/events/257491244425198/
・Alternative Press & London Radical Bookfair presents TAKEOVER 2015(2015/05/09 at Ugly Duck)https://www.facebook.com/events/1442327612725886/

◇UK Zine Librarians(@UK_ZineLibs)
「Sharing resources, information, and support with UK librarians working with zine collections. Open to all regardless of professional status.」https://twitter.com/UK_ZineLibs

◇Radical Librarians Collective(@RadicalLibs)
「The Radical Librarian Collective aims to build a network of solidarity for those critical of the marketisation of libraries and commodification of information.」https://twitter.com/RadicalLibs

◇The Archives and Records Association
「The Archives and Records Association is the lead professional body for archivists, archive conservators and records managers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.」http://www.archives.org.uk/about.html
・ARA Annual Conference 2017
・Kirsty Fife(@DIYarchivist)「Delighted to announce that @hanarchovist and I will be speaking on a panel about archive workforce development at the ARA conf this year!」(2017/05/17 https://twitter.com/DIYarchivist/status/864818475684048896)

 cf. Decolonise Fest(@decolonisefest)「A new DIY punkfest celebrating punx of colour. June 2-4 2017」(https://twitter.com/decolonisefest)http://decolonisefest.tumblr.com/


■主催者によるレポート(Organizer's Report)

村上さんによる、ジントーク開催中! #QHZF【写真】
[2017年5月20日16:11 https://twitter.com/QHZC_/status/865827235143368704]
[2017年5月21日7:07 https://twitter.com/QHZC_/status/866052911066890240]
遠方からご参加の出店者の皆さま、イギリスのジンを巡る状況について情報豊かなトークをしてくださった村上潔さん、惜しみない協力をくださったCRY IN PUBLICのメンバーの皆さんにも感謝致します。
[2017年5月21日7:19 https://twitter.com/QHZC_/status/866055817333587972]


■参加者の感想・レポート(Participants' Feedback/Report)

[2017年5月22日21:54 https://twitter.com/nenets_text/status/866638480394264577]


■関連情報(Related Information)

◇神戸市外国語大学2016年度前期科目《ジェンダー論入門》“Grrrl / Queer / Feminist Zines”(担当:村上潔)
◇MURAKAMI Kiyoshi, April 2016 - August 2016, "[Serial Publication] Notes on Grrrl / Queer / Feminist Zines"
◇MURAKAMI Kiyoshi 20160923 "Report: ASIAN ZINESTER ASYLUM (September 13, 2016 / Shinjuku, Tokyo)"
◇行司千絵(記者) 20161012 「自身の思いつづる「ZINE」――歴史的背景や意義探る:中京で14日」,『京都新聞』朝刊23〔地域〕面 *村上潔への取材記事
◇2016/10/14−(毎月第2金曜日) 《Morning Zine Circle》
 10:00〜11:00 於:Cafe Phalam(カフェパラン)
◇2016/11/20 「[Lecture & Workshop]ZINEを通して学ぶこと・できること――思いをシェアする/運動を知る/文化をつくる」
 14:00〜17:00 於:ナゴヤ駅西 サンサロ*サロン
◇2017/01/29 「[Lecture & Workshop]アクティヴィズムとZINE――マージナルな立場からの発信とその共有」
 14:00〜16:00 於:京都YWCA
◇2017/02/04 「[Talk]ZINE・ラジオ・都市空間――DIY文化の「場」」
 20:15〜20:45 於:LOSER
◇2017/04/07− 神戸市外国語大学2017年度前期科目《ジェンダー論入門》「女性がつくる自律的文化シーン――メディア・空間・アクティヴィズム(Women's Autonomous Cultural Scenes: Media, Space, and Activism)」(担当:村上潔)
◇2017/04/13 「[Lecture]Zine制作ワークショップ運営にあたって注意すべきいくつかの事柄」
 13:10〜14:40 於:同志社大学今出川キャンパス クラーク記念館CL25教室
◇2017/04/23 「[Talk]ジンとフェミニズムの古くて新しい関係」
 17:00〜19:00 於:art space tetra

*作成:村上 潔MURAKAMI Kiyoshi
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