Notes on Women's Autonomous Cultural Scenes (2)

MURAKAMI Kiyoshi / April 27, 2017

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April 21, 2017
"Women's Autonomous Cultural Scenes: Media, Space, and Activism": The 3rd lecture
memorandum (some part of lecture contents)

In this lecture, I brought up the "Girls Rock Camp" as a practice that inherits the spirit/methods of Riot Grrrl.
"Girls Rock Camps help girls build self-esteem and find their voices through unique programming that combines music education and performance; empowerment and social justice workshops; positive role models, and collaboration and leadership skill building." (http://girlsrockcampalliance.org/about-2/about/)
A camp embeds the "Media literacy" program into the total process (cf. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks5F0Xvyyw8). To be precise, that program means a zine-making workshop.

The camps have educational and empowerment functions for girls. Participants learn not only musical skill but also...
Eself-body protection (through a self-defense workshop)
Emeans of expression

There is the Girls Rock Camp Alliance as an international coalition of organizations providing a camp in each place.
"The Girls Rock Camp Alliance exists to unite, develop, and support its member camps. Only girls rock camp organizations that comply annually with membership criteria can become members of GRCA. The most important method of support GRCA provides for member camps is the annual Girls Rock Camp Alliance conference, which takes place every spring in a different city. Each year, every member organization sends key staff, board members and volunteers to the conference for training, skill sharing, networking, and to have a hand in the governance and direction of GRCA." (http://girlsrockcampalliance.org/about-2/about/)
Women who organize a camp at the city they live in share informations/skills/resources in the Girls Rock Camp Alliance Conference (http://girlsrockcampalliance.org/start-a-camp/conference/). Therefore, grown women also learn something and are empowered from getting involved with a camp.

I think that the significances of activities relating to Girls Rock Camp are as follows.
EIntergenerational transmission
EFeminist education
EFeeling the sisterhood
EMutual empowerment
EInternational feminist solidarity

And I'd like to point to the expansion of the range of race/class of participants (in each camps and overall ratio) as a future issue.

In addition, I mentioned Girls Rock Tokyo (https://twitter.com/girlsrockjp). The members of GRT participated in the Girls Rock Camp Alliance Conference of this year, and GRT became an official member of Girls Rock Camp Alliance. We can look forward to their future development in Japan.

cf. MURAKAMI Kiyoshi "Notes on Grrrl / Queer / Feminist Zines (8)" (June 12, 2016)

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The Course in the First Half of the 2017 Academic Year at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies: Introduction to Gender Studies "Women's Autonomous Cultural Scenes: Media, Space, and Activism" (Lecturer: MURAKAMI Kiyoshi)

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