Notes on Women's Autonomous Cultural Scenes (1)

MURAKAMI Kiyoshi / April 17, 2017

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April 14, 2017
"Women's Autonomous Cultural Scenes: Media, Space, and Activism": The 2nd lecture
memorandum (some part of lecture contents)

In this lecture, I gave an panoramic explanation of the core concept of this class with settling on the subject matter of feminist zines so that participants (mostly beginners) can get a rough idea about the organization, history, and significance of "Women's Autonomous Cultural Scenes" which is the theme of this class.

It includes the universal elements that can be applied to case examples of music, art, activism etc. which this class covers.

The contents I explained are as follows.

EDefinition of zine (non-professional / not-for-profit / self-publishing / small number of copies)
EWhat the thesis "ZINES = PERSONAL POLITICAL POWERFUL"ihttps://twitter.com/fanzines/status/798313470668193792jmeans
EDIY (Do It Yourself)
EUnderground culture
EFighting against white male supremacy
EA tool for marginalized people
EA weapon in the fight against fascism
EWoman's liberation movement
ERiot grrrl
EPOC (People of Color) / WOC (Women of Color)
EAutonomous spaces for activity

¡List: [Serial Publication] Notes on Women's Autonomous Cultural Scenes

¡Class Information
The Course in the First Half of the 2017 Academic Year at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies: Introduction to Gender Studies "Women's Autonomous Cultural Scenes: Media, Space, and Activism" (Lecturer: MURAKAMI Kiyoshi)

Author: MURAKAMI Kiyoshi
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