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【翻訳】uh listen(@poetrygirl420)のZineに関するツイート(November 19, 2016)

[Translation] Tweets from uh listen (@poetrygirl420) on Zines (November 19, 2016)

村上 潔MURAKAMI Kiyoshi) 2016/11/25

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◇uh listen @poetrygirl420(2016年11月19日15:06)
really scared about how things are going in the mainstream news lately and i'm really scared for younger generations to normalize propaganda

◇uh listen @poetrygirl420(2016年11月19日15:08)
i feel like the only way to fix this is to just start completely over. from the bottom up. i want to normalize small independent publishing.

◇uh listen @poetrygirl420(2016年11月19日15:10)
we can't trust the (4? 5?) corporations who control all of our media. smaller outlets need to step up. ppl need to deliver real news somehow

◇uh listen @poetrygirl420(2016年11月19日15:11)
idk what the answer is but i know that if we can't trust what newswires are putting out there then maybe we should turn to some alternatives

◇uh listen @poetrygirl420(2016年11月19日15:17)
really wishing my media studies degree wasnt so rusty rn. i have some reading to do

◇uh listen @poetrygirl420(2016年11月19日15:19)
all i know is that the news plays a VERY BIG ROLE in our lives esp now, and it is imperative that it functions in a way that doesnt hurt us

◇uh listen @poetrygirl420(2016年11月19日15:21)
zines are not exactly mainstream media but i hope if they can be normalized somehow it might save us from toxic propaganda in the future

◇uh listen @poetrygirl420(2016年11月19日15:23)
zines, small papers, extra. i think we rly need to start from the bottom up. many small trusted news sources instead of the 4/5 we have now

◆uh listen (@poetrygirl420)

[Serial Publication] Notes on Grrrl / Queer / Feminist Zines
ジェンダー論入門:“Grrrl / Queer / Feminist Zines”(神戸市外国語大学2016年度前期科目)
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