Notes on Grrrl/Queer/Feminist Zines (5)

MURAKAMI Kiyoshi / May 23, 2016

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May 20, 2016
"Grrrl/Queer/Feminist Zines": The 5th lecture
memorandum (some part of lecture contents)

In this lecture, the theme shifted from "the women-based DIY practices" (continuation of last time) to "Riot Grrrl". Here, I want to consider that relevancy.

Needless to say, the activity of the Riot Grrrl was opposed to machoism of the existing Punk scene, while being based on DIY culture. It is necessary to recognize the meaning of both sides properly.

The women-based DIY practices are hard to be "discovered", introduced, and evaluated by the media or on the scene. Therefore, it is necessary to take the policy to restrict the subject to the marginalized people so that they can build the structure of empowerment for their DIY practice.

So the Riot Grrrl prompted girls to the autonomous DIY practices done by themselves and emphasized the meaning of that act. At that time, in some cases, the collisions against the practices of others (that is, the majority; boys, heterosexists) suppressing girls occur inevitably. The Riot Grrrl did not miss the eyes from that point and maintained the standpoint of supporting the practices of marginalized people (that is, girls, queer, and DV Victims).

Of course, the contradictions and limits always exist there (theoretically and realistically). Though, we should admit that it had great significance that they showed such a posture definitely. It ought to be still effective standpoint in thinking about the zine culture / DIY culture as a whole now.

It is the problems about the "power" and "order" in the "alternative" field. "Defense" and "opposition" there have been the issues in the scene. What must become the important key here is feminism. That is the one as the thought on the basis of the difference of race, class, and sexuality.

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