Notes on Grrrl/Queer/Feminist Zines (2)

MURAKAMI Kiyoshi / April 17, 2016

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[1/5] Yesterday*, I talked to students in the guidance of the lecture about "Grrrl/Queer/Feminist Zines" as follows.@*April 15, 2016
2016.04.17 00:44

[2/5] "Zine culture is not the one which is merely trading / buying and selling zines as matter. It is the broad culture."
2016.04.17 00:54

[3/5] "For example, at a zine fest, punk band's live performance, workshop, discussion, reading etc. are carried out."
2016.04.17 00:58

[4/5] "All of those composition and management are performed by organizers and participants (authors/performers) themselves in cooperation."
2016.04.17 00:59

[5/5] " 'Zine culture' means such entirety. Therefore, it is as well as 'culture' also 'practice', 'activism', and 'association'."
2016.04.17 01:00

List: [Serial Publication] Notes on Grrrl/Queer/Feminist Zines

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cf. https://sites.google.com/site/feministzines2016kobe/

Author: MURAKAMI Kiyoshi
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