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Ars Vivendi E-mail Magazine No.132 (January 15, 2015)

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We, Research Center for Ars Vivendi, would like to let you know the
new year's greeting by Professor Shin'ya Tateiwa, our director.

Happy New Year to all of our readers!

We held a wide variety of international events last year including:

Above all, let me briefly write about Korea Japan Disability
Studies Forum. We have conducted the Forum with the Disability
Studies Forum in Korea since academic year 2010. Last year a
Chinese organization for people with disabilities joined this Forum
which was held in Korea.

It is suggested that the next Forum be held in China. I feel that
while there are many things which can be discussed as a common
theme without enough explanation/understanding of the background of
each country, it is not easy to do so in some cases.

We have not let people in the world know about our research enough,
including this kind of difficulty, we will keep working toward our
goal of internationalization of our research. We will let you know
both about our research achievements and about the information
about the achievements in the near future, including Ars Vivendi
, our e-journal.

As you might already know, we created three kinds of Facebook pages.
[English] https://www.facebook.com/ritsumeiarsvi.en
[Korean] https://www.facebook.com/ritsumeiarsvi.ko
[Japanese] https://www.facebook.com/ritsumeiarsvi
We would really appreciate it if you would take a look at these
pages and make a comment or let us know information if possible.

Lastly, let me tell you about one thing that relates to my own
work. I will publish the English version of Shiteki Shoyu Ron
(i.e., On Private Property) this year.
I will let you know when it is ready.

As always, we appreciate your continuing support and any advice
concerning our activities.


Shin'ya Tateiwa
Director, Research Center for Ars Vivendi

If you are one of the growing members of Facebook and would like to
keep in touch with our Center, find out about news, events and
much more, then why not check out our Facebook Page?

*Please click below for more detailed information about our Center.

We are eager to promote collaborative research projects with
disabled patients' advocacy groups, non-profit organizations, as
well as domestic and international researchers.

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