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WATANABE Katsunori May 7, 2013


I have become a member of the acting committee of the Research Center for Ars Vivendi since April 2013. Since I read this e-mail magazine as a postdoctoral fellow in the past two years, I cannot help feeling a little strange.

My reserach area is sociology. Especially, I conduct research that people with disabilities and illness build an organization and form personal and organizational networks. "Disabilties, aging, illness and differences", which are research themes of Ars Vivendi, involve various political actors. Through activities social systems and policies concerning these themes are formed. In such a process, I conduct research both on their history and on the possibility the involved persons have assumed.

Our research center has already started a new activity as a post Global COE Program since last academic year. I understand that becoming a member of the acting committee means taking a role as an actor that is more actively invloved in "disabilties, aging, illness and differences". Although I get through each day, feeling that connecting research with practice is not easy, I would like to promote our projects with your cooperation. Thank you.

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