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Ars Vivendi E-mail Magazine No.95 (April 16, 2013)

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Academic year 2013 starts from this April and Prof. Nishi, our
center's director, would like to deliver you the following message.

I, 58 years old, wonder from time to time what the meaning of
"fulfillment in life" is. Whenever I recollect the days when I ran
around for insects in the hot summer sun in my boyhood, enjoyed my
day-by-day life of romance in my youth, and earned money through
work in the prime of life, I wonder what kind of fulfillment in
life is waiting for me toward last years of life.

As long as one considers this on the basis of the fulfillment in
life I felt in early childhood, younger days, or the prime of life,
fulfillment in life in old age might be assumed to be faint one.
And my question is whether people who are not endowed with a decent
early childhood, adolescent days, or the prime of life enjoy
fulfillment in life.

It goes without saying that we have to fight against such forces as
disabilities, illness, labor exploitation, or wars that deprive us
of fulfillment in life. At the same time, the mission as Ars
Vivendi is to scrutinize the lives that seem to be remote from what
is usually called "fulfillment in life", confirm fulfillment can
exist even in such lives, and support their possibilities.
Otherwise, thelives of the oppressed would be illegitimately
underestimated . Now it is necessary for us to empower precarious
lives and turn our warm eyes on the richness surrounding any life
which might seem to be poor. Either one of the two is not

We will keep turning your advice and intervention into power this
academic year, too.

Director, Research Center of Ars Vivendi
Masahiko Nishi

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We are eager to promote collaborative research projects with
disabled patients' advocacy groups, non-profit organizations, as
well as domestic and international researchers.

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