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Ars Vivendi E-mail Magazine No.44 (March 15, 2011)

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We, Global COE Program Ars Vivendi, would like to let you know the
following six news.

1) As it has been already reported, the big earthquake hit eastern
Japan last Friday. Although the earthquake did not hit Kyoto, where
we are, it has caused large amounts of damage. It is important
for people with ventilators to secure power source.

We have been enriching the contents of "disasters and people with
disabilities" and "Ventilators" although they are Japanese-version
pages and include such information as how to manage in case of
power outage.

2) We have made an English-version page of Gendai Shiso (March 2008

3) We have been enriching the contents of Academic Skills.

4) Our Center's website will be relaunched.
We will let you know its details in the near future.

5) Our program members have conducted various kinds of global
research activities. The following is the brief report written
by Professor Akira Mochizuki.

In 2009, the project of comprehensive support for the individuals
with autism and developmental disabilities started by the
collaborative team of Japanese and Chinese researchers.

The goal of the project team is constructing a comprehensive
support system in Qinhuangdao city where the children (and adults)
with disabilities (especially with autistic and developmental
disabilities) can study and work in the "inclusive environment" by
the collaboration of the school, local government, and community
residents. In 2009, the conference and the keynote lecture were
given in Dalian, and the workshop about comprehensive support and
teaching method for the children with disabilities was held in
Qinhuangdao city in 2010. Member of the workshop were special-
school teachers, local government officers of Qinhuangdao city and
Japanese researchers (medical doctors and behavioral researchers).

Akira Mochizuki

6) The following activity's English-version page is now ready.
Study Group on Qualitative Research Drawing Various "Lives"

*Please click below for more detailed information about our program.

We are eager to promote collaborative research projects with
disabled patients' advocacy groups, non-profit organizations, as
well as domestic and international researchers.

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