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Reconsideration of rehabilitation from reconsideration of the acceptance of disability

SUZUKI Hiroko 2011/01/19 M.A Thesis[abstract] Graduated School of Humanities and Social Sciences Osaka Prefecture Universit [PDF]

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The rehabilitation regards the human restoration of a person having an obstacle to a mind and body as an idea, and it is said that it lets a person with disability show his or her ability to the maximum and is the technical technology that is performed to promote the independence of the person. The human restoration is to recover to have way of life how an individual with the obstacle deserves to be a human being, in other words, is to restore the dignity of the human being including the comeback to normal life. Physical therapist is the type of job that is aimed for recovery of the ability for basic movement in the function of mind and body by using the technology of the rehabilitation. The object of the physical therapy is a person with disability, but the symptom that the obstacle expresses is full of variety. At the same time, the background as sex, age, the living environment, mind side and psychology side are quite different individually.
For a person with disability having both the variety and the individual nature, can the present rehabilitation cope with support to the arbitrary society participation of the person in the change to the life model and the social model that put self decision and independence of will in the viewpoint from the medical model that established a viewpoint for the function structure disorder? And can it guarantee the society participation of the person with severe disability and senior citizen to?
This article tries reconsideration of the rehabilitation from the consideration of the clinical examples I am similar, and to be able to put.
In ChapterT, looking back on a study about an obstacle and the acceptance of disability that are an object of the rehabilitation, I would reconsider the acceptance of disability.
In Chapter U, I would consider the present rehabilitation from practice examples, and in the end I would try some proposal to the rehabilitation from my clinical experiences that was able to be given.

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