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Ars Vivendi E-mail Magazine No.38 (December 15, 2010)

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We, Global COE Program Ars Vivendi, would like to let you know the
following five news.

1) We exchanged memorandums with Association for Research on
Disability Studies in South Korea last month. We will keep
collaborating with them from now on.

2) As we introduced in our e-mail magazine No.34, Otani's abstract
of "'Good Manner of Dying' as a Normative Concept: 'Autocide,'
'Granny Dumping' and Discussions on Euthanasia/Death with Dignity
in Japan" is now ready online.

In order to read its full text, either you or the institution you
belong to needs to subscribe to the journal.

3) We have made an English-version page of Collection of Keywords
of Science for Human Services

4) Paul Dumouchel and Reiko Gotoh will host the international
conference next January. Its detailed schedule is now ready.

5) Our program members have conducted various kinds of global
research activities. The following is the brief report written
by Professor Yoko Matsubara.

International Workshop: The Mechanization of Empathy in Health Care

Yoko Matsubara

The workshop was held on 17-18 September 2010 at the University of
Bergamo in Italy. It was jointly organized by Paul Dumouchel and
Yoko Matsubara from the Center of Ars Vivendi of Ritsumeikan
University with Luisa Damiano and Stefano Tomelleri from the
University of Bergamo. We had the first workshop under the same
theme in 2009 at Ritsumeikan University and focused on
transformations produced by information technology and social
robots in the relations between medical workers and patients in
healthcare. In the second workshop in this past September we drew
attention to more specific situations where people with
disabilities or illness encounter medical technology, ICT and
social robots.

On the first day, two graduate students from the Center for Ars
Vivendi made presentations. One of them was a student with visual
impairment and he made presentations and exchanged opinions
concerning patients' insights on relations between technology and
human experiences. On the second day, researchers who develop
robots as therapeutic device for children and elderly people
reported their therapeutic practice showing videos. Their works
made me reconsider the boundary between humans and machines as well
as the meaning of communication between people.

Researchers from the Giannino Bassetti Foundation who study
roboethics also joined the workshop for two days. Close and in-
depth discussions in the workshop encouraged me to have another
meeting on this theme in the near future.

*Please click below for more detailed information about our program.

We are eager to promote collaborative research projects with
disabled patients' advocacy groups, non-profit organizations, as
well as domestic and international researchers.

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