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O'Hagan, Mary, Heather McKee and Robyn Priest 200906 "Consumer Survivor Initiatives in Ontario: Building for an Equitable Future," Ontario Federation of Community Mental Health and Addiction Program 104p.
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In this report we define mainstream organizations as mental health organizations that are not run by consumers/survivors.


Consumer/survivor initiative is an Ontarian term. Other provinces and countries may use:
・peers, service users or clients instead of consumers or survivors
・services, programs, organizations or supports instead of initiatives.
This diversity in language sometimes just reflects simple word differences between countries, but it may also reflect differences in ideology. For instance, in some other parts of the world survivors are associated with the radical end of the movement whereas consumers are moderates, though it has been suggested that the distinction between the two is more complex in Ontario


Others said that people in the mainstream mental health system do not understand CSI〔Consumer/Survivor Initiatives〕 history, values and difficulties. This means they are likely to regard CSIs as either second-rate or just like mainstream services that happen to be run by consumers/survivors. They asserted that CSIs really need to be regarded as ‘equal but different’.


Intentional peer support is a philosophy and a methodology that encourages participants to step outside their illness and victim story through genuine connection, mutual understanding of how we know what we know, redefining help as a co-learning and a growing process, and helping each other move towards what we want.


Different cultural groups also vary enormously in their understanding of madness; the groups that stigmatize madness the most or view it as a spiritual matter are more likely to stay away from services and CSI supports.

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