NAGATA Atsumasa "Studies to Face the Transnational "Ars Vivendi""

Contributing to this Website November 11, 2009
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Is it possible for us to conduct anthropological or sociological studies to achieve the goal of Global COE Program Ars Vivendi, "creation of the world to live with diseases, aging, disabilities and differences, and to envision the way people live in the future and presents ways for an ideal society and world?"

I have been conducting study on foreigners who live in Japan, and people who make their living by going between their home countries and Japan. It is possible for us to say that those people bear the differences, not of their bodies, but by being excluded from the civil system or the legal system in Japan. Those people live a transnational life by seeking a visa for their living, or sometimes for stable living so that they can send money back to their families in their countries, or sometimes for acquiring nationality or citizenship of the accepting country.

To answer this question of my own, today's issues in anthropology, sociology and ars vivendi will lead to a new question whether it is possible to provide people with meaning of their lives, sometimes by facing people who develop various transnational strategies, or sometimes by participating in strategies. I believe conducting studies, considering these things, is significant in Global COE Program Ars Vivendi.

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