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Ars Vivendi E-mail Magazine No.2 (February 20, 2009)

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International Symposium "Research on Home Care of Patients with ALS in East Asia"

Global COE Program Ars Vivendi of Ritsumeikan University, in cooperation with
Japan ALS Association, has International Symposium "Research on Home Care of
Patients with ALS in East Asia" on February 21, 2009.

Mobachoo will have live remote through internet on the day of symposium,
so you can access to the following URL if you are interested in this event.

*Please click below for more detailed information about our program.

We are also eager to promote collaborative research projects with patients'
advocacy groups, non-profit organizations, as well as domestic and
international researchers, apply for competitive research grants and conduct
research projects commissioned by governmental and private institutions.

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