"Collective Memory of a Colonial City: The Formation of Town Map Dalian"


last update: 20151225

Collective Memory of a Colonial City: The Formation of Town Map Dalian

This paper analyzes the formation of collective memory by focusing on Town Map Dalian, a map of memory that Japanese A and Chinese B, who were residents in colonial Dalian, made in collaboration and published from 1988 to 1999 in Japan.

Town Map Dalian offers a material framework for collective memory. It reconstructs the memory of various groups connected to colonial Dalian. Therefore, considering the formation process of Town Map Dalian will give clues to how colonial Dalian is presently conceptualized in collective memory.

The memory of Japanese A in Town Map Dalian is provided to show the symbolical collective memory of Japan. It is represented as "Birthplace Dalian". Japanese A?fs memory is exclusively a "Japanese" memory. This symbolical collective memory forgets the memories of groups other than the Japanese.

On the other hand, the memory of Chinese B in Town Map Dalian reflected the groups "Japanese," "Alumni association," "Chinese," "South Korean," and "do not belong to either." Dalian was constructed by groups such as "Nation," "Race," "Chinese," "Japanese," "South Korean," and "Alumni association," and, thus, it was defined differently by each group. This diversity within the collective memory of colonial Dalian should be recognized.

Keywords: colonial city, Dalian in China, collective memory, Town Map Dalian, diversity
REV: 20151225
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