"A Study of Privatization under Globalization: The Case of Postal Services"

LEE Peijung

last update: 20151225

A Study of Privatization under Globalization: The Case of Postal Services

LEE Peijung
This paper uses the modern postal system as a lens to examine the development of imperial colonialism after the 19th century and its overlap with privatization under contemporary globalization.

The importance of privatization is analyzed, especially from the perspective of mutual dependence or mutual competition among countries. Furthermore, the structural violence of imperialism and globalization is investigated and compared. This analysis suggests that, although globalization appeals to people to remove all existing trade barriers and national boundaries, it does not bring us a totally free world without any discrimination. Trade openness and liberalization could be said to sacrifice the interests of some people so as to promote the interests of others rather than to strive for the interests of all. In addition, there is no denying that globalization has much to do with social phenomena such as the working poor, the polarized distribution of income of the M-shape society, the winner group and the loser group and the increase of regional divides or inner city divides in contemporary times.

As mentioned above, this paper shall examine the privatization of the postal services of modern nation states through the rethinking of the content and the meaning of privatization.

Keywords: globalism, imperialism, privatization of postal services, society of disparities, interstate system
REV: 20151225
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