"Meaning of Changing Body: Narrative of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome"


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Meaning of Changing Body: Narrative of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

The first domestic surgery using osteo-odonto-keratopsthesis took place in 2003. The person who underwent the surgery was a woman who became blind by the Stevens-Johnson syndrome. In this paper I report on an interview I held with her about the process of her decision making. In addition, I consider how she gave meaning to her changing body on the way to losing her eyesight.

I found that the meaning of her body was formed by her changing physical condition and by a consistent reliance on an aspect of folk knowledge which says that as days pass, bodies get better. As her disease progressed, most of her physical symptoms improved, but her eyesight deteriorated. This led to a split between belief and doubt which she attempted to bridge by her personal narrative of her illness.

I think that this meaning was constructed from the incomplete explanations of the doctor and the patient's reticence in demanding a full explanation from the doctor due to her desire to avoid recognizing her own state.

Key words: osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, qualitative research, losing eye sight, meaning
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