"Corporate Sponsorship of Social Causes: The Case of Pink Ribbon Campaigns"


last update: 20151224

Corporate Sponsorship of Social Causes: The Case of Pink Ribbon Campaigns

This paper examines the possibilities of extending corporate sponsorship to the field of social causes, referring, in particular, to the case of pink ribbon campaigns. The campaigns aim to raise awareness of early recognition of breast cancer and have been conducted in places like America and Europe from the beginning of the 1990s. This paper focuses on the campaigns from the viewpoint of corporate sponsorship and points out three examples of methods for encouraging corporations to participate in such campaigns. First, the pink ribbon itself, as the symbol of the campaign, plays an effective role in transforming the negative image of breast cancer. Second, some campaigns combine consciousness raising about the serious problems of breast cancer with an attraction like a sports event, an art competition, or a round table talk with famous people. Third, the Pink Ribbon Festival, which has been conducted in Japan from 2003, has an centralized infrastructure that makes it easer for corporations to join the campaign and effectively coordinate their activities. This paper concludes that serious social issues can be treated through corporate sponsorship if the methods of raising consciousness about social causes and pooling corporate resources can be attractively redesigned.

Keywords: Social contribution, Corporate sponsorship, The awareness raising of early recognition of breast cancer, Pink Ribbon Campaign, Social causes
REV: 20151224
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