"A Study of Work and Living Support for People with Mental Illness by 'Fureai Kohba' in Okinawa Prefecture"


last update: 20151224

A Study of Work and Living Support for People with Mental Illness by "Fureai Kohba" in Okinawa Prefecture

As legal workplaces for people with mental illness, there are community workshops and social work facilities. Fureai Kohba is a unique liability corporation which has developed creative work and living support arrangements that go beyond these facilities. Fureai Kohba, established in August, 1995, in Naha City, Okinawa, has performed a great and creative role in carrying out active social participation and independence for people with mental illness. For example, under the system of Fureai Kohba, participants work according to their work ability, but they receive their wages according to the needs of their lives. Moreover, Fureai Kohba can not only provide residences and places of activity but provide daytime consultation about everyday life as well. These unique practices led Okinawa Yamato Transport Co., Ltd, after an evaluation of Fureai Kohba, to invite the organization to become the company's exceptional subsidiary.

In this paper, first, I will clarify and evaluate the establishment and duties of Fureai Kohba, the contents of its living support system and current problems. Then, I will look at potential advantages and problems concerning the exceptional subsidiary.

Keywords: exceptional subsidiary, work support, living support, the user subject, social participation

REV: 20151224
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