"Mashiho Chiri and Poets, Part I: Kunio Oda and Yukar Appreciation"


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Mashiho Chiri and Poets, Part I: Kunio Oda and Yukar Appreciation

Yukar Appreciation (1956) is a collaborative work of the Aynu researcher Mashiho Chiri(1909-1961) and the poet Kunio Oda (1912-1965). This work contains translations of Aynu myths with many annotations. Chiri often wrote papers with researchers from different fields than his own. Oda was a poet, who learned Aynu language and Aynu myths from Chiri who was the editor of the booklet Kamuy Yukar by Chiri, and who became the co-author of Yukar Appreciation. In the context of understanding and interpreting Aynu myths as poems, Oda influenced to Chiri.

Taking Hegel's aesthetic theory into consideration, especially regarding the relationship between poems and history, and using concepts from translation studies theory, this paper analyzes Yukar Appreciation. The central questions of this paper will be how Chiri, supported by the poet, tried to interpret Aynu myths and what massage he tried to send to the readers through the translation and annotation of the myths. Based on an interview with Oda,s wife, this paper also sheds some new light on the biography of Oda, and the relationship between Chiri and poets in Hokkaido.

Keywords: CHIRI Mashiho, ODA Kunio, Oral Narrative, Aynu, Translation Studies

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