"Ayako Ishigaki on Problems for Women in Marriage and Work in 1950's"


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Ayako Ishigaki on Problems for Women in Marriage and Work in 1950's

The purpose of this study is to confirm Ayako Ishigaki's perceptions of the problems for women in marriage and work in 1950's Japan.

Ishigaki was a female critic who enlightened women's way of life in postwar Japan. Her representative article, "Shufu as the second occupation," preached that "Shufu"[housewives] should have an occupation outside the home.

In this study I pay attention to her descriptions of an ideal form of marriage and work for women. She pointed out the difficult situation of women in both marriage and work in the Japanese society of those days. Due to various causes, for example, a high female-to-male ratio, social customs, and limited economic opportunities, many women were forced to remain unmarried, and their living conditions were bad. In addition, she made clear that women's problems in marriage and work were related mutually. She concluded that the social system had to be changed, and she urged women to make strenuous efforts to work outside the home in order to realize social change.

Based on my analysis, Ishigaki's thinking, while keeping conscious of social stratification among women, emphasized a general message aimed at the advancement of women.

Key Words: 1950's, Women, Marriage, Women's work, Ayako Ishigaki
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