"'Yuya-Torisimarikisoku' and 'Yuya-Eigyou-Torisimarikisoku'"


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"Yuya-Torisimarikisoku" and "Yuya-Eigyou-Torisimarikisoku"

Japan during of the Meiji maintained hygienic measures for an acute infectious disease. The measures were put under the management of the police. Yuya(public bathhouses) also tell within the oversight of the police. So it would be expected that legal regulations regarding Yuya included hygiene.

This essay deals with "Yuya-Torisimarikisoku" (Bathhouse Control Rule) in Tokyo in 1879, "Yuya- Torisimarikisoku" in 1885 revision and "Yuya-Eigyou-Torisimarikisoku" (Bathhouse business control rule) started in Kyoto in 1886 as a case study.

As a surprising result, hardly it was discovered that any attentions related to hygiene was seen in these legal regulations. These regulations mention facilities for fire prevention in detail and have the point of the fire prevention as an object of big interest.

Yuya surely has various elements. For example, there is the maintenance of infrastructure, the supply of a fund for the bathhouse, for administration of and the corporate strategy of a bathhouse. These are indispensable elements which compose a Yuya. It is the necessary that I take up each these sides, and to consider them all, when doing study of the history of bathing.

Keywords: Yuya (public bathhouses), Legal regulations, Fire prevention, Police, Hygiene

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