"On the Formation of the Functional 'Demand for Instruction' in an Aphasia Student"

NIU Takuya, YASUI Misuzu & MOCHIZUKI Akira

last update: 20151223

On the Formation of the Functional "Demand for Instruction" in an Aphasia Student

NIU Takuya, YASUI Misuzu & MOCHIZUKI Akira
The purpose of this study was to examine the acquisition program that an aphasia student attending junior high school could demand for instruction. We examined the program that kept her motivation and decreased resistance to demand for instruction to other person. A peer model (a foreign college student who pretended to be a poor speaker of Japanese) sat next to the participant and demonstrated the required responses so that the participant easily emitted demanding for instruction. And, at the same time, we used participant's favorite stimuli as task items to keep her motivation. As a result of these programs, a percentage of demanding for instruction increased. When the generalization test was conducted in different settings after the training, however, she rarely emited the demand for instruction. The method of generalization with least burden for student was discussed.

Keywords: aphasia student, demand for instruction, modeling

REV: 20151223
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