"Autonomy, Self-determination, and the Right of Self-determination"

HIZAWA Yoshihiko

last update: 20151223

Autonomy, Self-determination, and the Right of Self-determination

HIZAWA Yoshihiko
The purpose of this study is to consider the concept of self-determination and the right of self-determination, in order to clarify the process of self-determination. Firstly, I conducted research on "the principle of subsidiarity" and "procedural independence". The principle of subsidiarity explains the role of social subsidiarity role. The principle of procedural independence is based on the others?f authority instead of the others' advice, judgment or decision. Secondly, I conducted research on the right of self-determination in the Constitution of Japan. Especially, I examined "autonomy" and "the principle of restrictions". There is a conflict between "personal autonomy" and "general freedom" in autonomy, and there are two principles of restrictions: "public welfare" and "paternalism" in the study of the Constitution of Japan. In concluding, I propose two points. namely, that the concept of self-determination is based on a strong man model and about the relationship between the self and others.

Keywords: self-determination, paternalism, procedural independence

REV: 20151223
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