"Toward a Sociological Study on the Male Batterer of Domestic Violence"


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Toward a Sociological Study on the Male Batterer of Domestic Violence

Violence and the act of abuse are actions expressing a certain demand and desire. It uses violence, in order to make things carry satisfactorily, to fill a feeling of control and sense of superiority, to reduce stress and to remove a feeling of dislike and displeasure. I grasp the mechanism of violent behavior. I think the batterer needs to remake their behavior using a psycho-educational program for correction. If it is the action by which violence was learned, the non-violent and anti-violent attitude are able to relearn. The focus point for remaking is the structure of feeling processing coded as male nature, masculinity and a father role. Feeling is built socially.

In the "men's support room" (Kyoto-shi) which is the NPO for men, the author has studied, developed and practiced the psycho-educational program based on the nonviolent program for batterer. Practice was started in a tentative way from 1998 focusing on group work and the self-help group, and We already met about 80 batterers. We need the study the batterers to develop a psycho-educational program. I will examine the outline of research for batterers.

Keywords: domestic violence, abuse, batterer, masculinity

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