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Resolutions from Self Advocates' Meeting
at the 48th National Convention of Inclusion Japan

31 July- 1 August 1999, Sapporo

last update: 20151220

*Participation in decision-making

1. We should be involved in making decisions that affect us.


2. We need more information. People should not just decide that "This is
not necessary for you". It is up to us to decide.
3. We need friendly information on guardianship for adults and advocacy
system from Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Health and Welfare.


4. Even though this is our money, we do not know much about this. Pension
is the money for our independence. Our parents and institutions should not
spend the money without our consent.
5. The amount of pension should be increased so that we can lead a normal

*Disability Registration License

6. We do not understand disability registration license. It should be
friendly to us.
7. The license should be handy and in a card format.

*People with high needs

8. People with high needs should be treated as people.
9. Life of people with high needs should not be controlled by parents.
10. No matter how high our needs might be, we wish to receive adequate
support and live in the community.
11. People with high needs should be able to work for businesses. If that
is not possible, there should be more workshops so that everyone can work.
12. Our society should be ready so that parents can let their children live
in the community without concern.


13. A support person should support when a self advocate himself/herself is
unable to do something. A support person should be careful not to give too
much support. Too much support takes confidence from us.
14. When you support us, please consult with the self advocate first.
15. Support persons and self advocates are same people. We never tolerate
violence by teachers and staff persons.


16. We need rent subsidies and home helpers so that we can live away from
group homes.
17. Please be positive about our marriages and give us proper advice on
marriage life and child care.
18. We need opportunities to learn when we are adults.

*Prenatal diagnosis

19. We are against prenatal diagnosis in which babies with impairments are
aborted. This hurts people with disabilities.

*Our movement

20. Please support our movement of "self advocacy", in which we talk to
each other and we take the initiative to solve problems. Please help us
so that our voice is heard by the government and the public.

(About 700 self advocates attended the meeting)

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