The Warnock Report on Human Fertilisationand Embryology, 1984


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Shinya Tateiwa 2016 On Private Property, English Version, Kyoto Books Translation by Robert Chapeskie

 Chap.4 n.4
The Warnock Report was released in July 1984 (Warnock Commitee [1984]. The report was published along with an additional preface and conclusion in Warnock [1985]. For discussions of this text in Japanese publications, see Kamo [1986], Koi [1991], Ono [1995], and Maruyama [1996:146-147]. For criticisms of the Warnock Report, see Lockwood [1985b] and Hare [1987]. For discussions of these criticisms in Japanese, see Shinagawa [1989].) The following two laws were enacted based on the findings of this report. Chapter 8 addressed surrogate mothers, and its recommendations were as follows:
"We recommend that legislation be introduced to render criminal the creation or the operation in the United Kingdom of agencies whose purpose include the recruitment of women for surrogate pregnancy or making arrangements for individuals or couples who wish to utilise the services of a carrying mother; such legislation should be wide enough to include both profit and non-profit making organisations. We further recommend that the legislation be sufficient wide to render criminally liable the actions of professionals and others who knowingly assist in the establishment of a surrogate pregnancy." (Warnock [1985:chapter8.18,= 1992;47] ) "We recommend that it be provided by statute that all surrogacy arrangements are illegal contracts and therefore unenforcible in the courts." (Warnock [1985:chap8.19])
The following passage is included before Recommendation 8.19: "We do not envisage that this legislation would render private persons entering into surrogacy arrangements liable to criminal prosecution, as we are anxious to avoid children being born to mothers subject to the taint of criminality. We nonetheless recognise that there will continue to be privately arranged surrogacy agreements. While we consider that most, if not all, surrogacy arrangements would be legally unenforceable in any of their terms, we feel that the position should be put beyond any possible doubt in law." (Warnock [1985:47=1992:110-111] ) Two of the sixteen members of the committee released dissenting opinions regarding these findings (Warnock [1985 = 1992:181-185]).

The Warnock Report on Human Fertilisationand Embryology(1984) 
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