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Network on Disability and Bioethics

Membership: Open to everyone who is interested in how bioethics affects
disabled people, other marginalized groups and the public at large and how
bioethical theories affect human/equality rights. Please note that although
the term disability is used in societies for people labelled as having a
medical condition or disease or genetic 'defect' we believe that disability
is a consequence of the societal prejudice, exclusion and enviromental
societal structures people labelled as having a medical condition or
disease or genetic 'defect' are experiencing

Aim: Our aim is to form a worldwide network for the following goals:
1) To increase the knowledge among disabled people of bioethical issues
2) To increase the dialog between disabled people and members of other
marginalized groups on bioethical issues
3) To increase the dialog between the marginalized and 'non marginalized'
groups on bioethical issues
4) To increase the visibility of disabled people and other marginalized
groups in the field of bioethics and Science in general with the hope of
promoting greater participation in decisionmaking processes and decision
making bodies related to bioethical issues and Science in general

Tools: We will use electronic means for communication as much as possible
but will also use conventional means in our efforts to establish a world
wide network. We will set up a listserver for communication within the
network. We also will use webpages to enhance the visibility of the
network. Although this network will mostly be in english we will try to
identify people who are fluent in english and other languages and who are
willing to facilitate the entrance of people who are not fluent in english.

Gregor Wolbring (Canada) and Christopher Newell (Australia) are the

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